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High Quality Microgreens &

Edible Flowers



Eat The Foods Your Highest Self Would Eat.

Door-Step Delivery

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Los Angeles 


Sustainably Cultivated, Premium Crops.

We are a new generation of farmers that honor ancient farming techniques and blend them with  innovative technology to cultivate some of the world's most nutrient dense food. We are committed to foster a nourishing relationship with food and make high quality crops accessible to our L.A. community.  Indoor, vertical-farming allows us to grow sustainably with less water and less waste while producing healthier and fresher crops. Higher Ground Farms is a care taker and representative of the plant community. We believe in the power of plants as food that is curative and nourishing for the body.  We believe that high quality, nutritious food should be accessible in any community and we are proud to offer some of the world's healthiest plants in the heart of    Southern California, S.G.V.

We are proud to be part of L.A.'s vibrant food culture and are committed to elevating the dining experience at home or in restaurant through premium quality crops.

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